Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A mighty gift indeed

One of my health-care providers likes to quote another of his MS patients, who says that the great thing about MS is that it makes you more sensitive to your body. The bad thing about MS is that it makes you more sensitive to your body.

But I will tell you, practicing sensitivity, just sitting and watching and listening and telling the truth to yourself about yourself, that has effects too...

And here's what I'm noticing more and more, every day...

The wonderfulness of... my wife.

She has had "caregiver" thrust upon her, which she has taken on with good cheer and good spirits, but every time I see her, it's... wonderful.

Some days, she's amazing; some days, she's radiant. Some days... she's both.

And this is definitely a gift of MS, to be showered every day by how [your favorite enthusiastic expletives here] wonderful my wife is. A couple of days ago, she was working on I forget exactly what, but man, her mighty mind was in 5th, 6th, maybe even 7th gear. Phenomenal, she was! IS!

So that's your homework for today, fellow MSers and all of us who "trod the boards" on this earthly stage... to see how wonderful the people right in front of you can be, and are.

As Rabbi Hillel said, "Go thou and study."

And, by the way, my wife doesn't look like this. She sounds like this; she is, after all, a voice actor.

But around the house, she's much nicer. Much nicer.

One look at that smile, and whatever the MS is doing that day... just disappears. Because that smile, oh that smile...!

She is a mighty gift, indeed...!

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Muffie said...

Your wife is beautiful! I know what you mean about recognizing things we'd probably ignore if MS hadn't emerged.