Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Take what you can get

Man, some of my fellow MS-bloggers are so very cheery! This entry starts with a smile!

Cheery, I don't do much, on a daily basis. Although my wife always makes me smile. She's amazing!

I gotta tell you, friends, you really really really want to find someone who practices Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. It's delightfully life-changing... it even makes me smile like that (see above), wheelchair and all.

Four needles can change your life. Sometimes, just one.

They identify this condition they call an "entry/exit block." There are twelve "officials," each with its own meridian, and energy moves between them in a certain order. If the energy is supposed to go from meridian A to meridian B but doesn't, that's a block. You open the block with four needles, two on the exit points, two on the entry points.

Being blocked is no fun at all. What actually causes the block is specific to each person, some seem more prone to certain blocks, my guy tells me that leading up to Tax Day on April 15th, everybody he sees is blocked, but that's another story. Sometimes it's a shock, some times is just being startled, sometimes it's rage, there are all sorts of reasons, but they're always bad. Sometimes very, very bad. Some especially nasty blocks have brought me to the point of full-on suicidal; yesterday's block brought me to a place not that bad, but to a place where dying, just happening to kinda accidentally just happening to die... Well, I don't necessarily want to facilitate it, but it would be convenient... at least I wouldn't feel "being fine with being dead" the way I did then.

Four needles, and life is worth living again. NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Now, there are a couple of Bladder meridian points, next to the sacrum, that My Guy said that his teacher called his "MS points," I'm not personally convinced they do much for guys like me, but it's worth a shot, you know, no side effects and all. I can tell that they do something, but what, I couldn't tell you.

Other points have much more immediately perceived effects.Yesterday, I got Kidney 25 I think is the number, named "Spirit Storehouse," which also improved my outlook!

This MS stuff nobody can address, really, because really, nobody knows WTF is actually up, but vague unhappy-just-to-be-alive, these Five-Element folks can take really good care of.

And what else does MS teach us, no matter what kind of health care we're getting? What does it teach us very, very quickly?

Take what you can get.


Muffie said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I'm way too chicken for acupuncture, but I'm glad it works for you.

Robert Parker said...

Injections, I fear. Acupuncture, no... After all, an injection leaves stuff there (that's the point, as it were, after all) but acupuncture needles? Pull 'em out, and we're done. That's all there is.

And the acupuncture I get done, is especially good at healing the spirit. Definitely worth a poke or so!