Friday, November 2, 2012

Since that's the case...

My, my. Things change; things stay the same.

I hit the ground again yesterday. No damage beyond a bit of a scrape, but dang did it hurt. Causes: No traction on my feet (socks on linoleum) and something in each hand (bottle of ketchup and mayo, nothing heavy or awkward, but it kept me from being able to grab for support). Nice thing about socks is warm feet. Bad thing about socks is no traction. So, until new footies that have as much "I can feel the floor" as socks are provided, I'm going to live sockless. Cold feet, but no hitting the floor. That's what blankets are for, right?

What else? Let's see... The ongoing, repeated, never-ending, exasperating conversations with B-san (Mr. Bladder) are becoming ever more tiresome. Here's a typical "conversation"... B-san screams for attention, foreshadowing fountains that would shame the Bellagio.

I make a mad dash to the nearest bathroom and sit down, hoping to forestall a deluge on a Biblical scale.

Nothing happens.

Me: "Well?"

B-san: "What? You want something?"

Me: "I thought you wanted something. Desperately. Immediately."

B-san: "Why are you wasting my time?"

I give up. I stand up.


I try again. Maybe... maybe... B-san allows a few drops. At most.

Me: "Fine. Whatever. You're done?"

B-san: "What? What's this about?"

Me. "Fine." I give up again. I get up again.


Last week, I explain this to my doctor, and ask him "What am I supposed to do about this? Just hang on for the ride?"

Doctor: "Well, that's what we all have to do, isn't it?"

Well... yeah.

Since that's the case... might as well find the humor in it, eh?


Judy at Peace Be With You said...

I wonder if you could find a supply of those socks hospitals provide which look like a sock but have rubberized threads on the soles.

Muffie said...

Robert, why not get some of those socks with the strips on the bottom to provide traction? I go barefoot unless I'm going outside. Yes, my feet are frozen, but at least I don't do any of my stuntman impressions. MS B and B situations can be so exasperating.

Robert Parker said...

Excellent ideas! Thanks!

My folks just about an hour ago suggested mukluks (a long favorite of my mom's), and Dad suggested L.L. Bean. But, I'm definitely gonna look into those hospital socks, those sound like a great idea!