Monday, November 12, 2012

Oils and attitude

Got another new prescription today.

Cod-liver oil.

Doc says I can have any flavor I want, that orange is very popular, and that a lot of people like cherry.

Worst side effect: Bad taste. Ever tried plain cod-liver oil? I have... GAKK. Sure, I thought, I drink nasty Chinese herbs all the time, I've had to cook turtle shells, mulberry leaves and the bugs that eat them. At the same time. Seven-hole abalone. How hard is cod-liver oil to take?

Trust me. It's nasty. Really nasty. Really really really really nasty.

So, tomorrow, I go looking for palatable fish oil, and also ... wheelchair shopping. My insurance company demands "pre-approval" for wheelchairs, and having looked through the HCPCS codes, there are a lot of different kinds of wheelchairs. So I'm going to check out the wheelchairist, find the chair I want, figure out what the HCPCS code is for that particular chair, and then have my doc send that in to the insurance company.

Where people who have never met me and have no idea what my condition actually is will determine whether I "need" the wheelchair. Because, of course, they know more than my doctor does about what I "need." They don't like paying for what I don't "need," you see.

Perhaps you can tell... I've got a bad attitude about this sort of thing. To put it succinctly...

If there is a Hell...

... it waits for the health-insurance industry.

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Muffie said...

I've been taking Omega 3 fish oil -- despite the fact that now 'they' say it doesn't do that much. I finally one that doesn't leave an awful after taste. (Nature Made burpless)
When I first decided to get a scooter, I went through the same thing with the insurance company, who didn't know me from Eve! I ended up paying out-of-pocket for it.
Good luck with your venture.