Saturday, November 10, 2012


A day spent mostly in bed, under the covers.

A few minutes spent in front of Big Computer... I even tried to Accomplish Something. Instantly ran aground, didn't have it in me to do anything to de-aground myself. Gave up, went to bed.

Spent a few minutes in front of laptop computer, doing Small Edits to a presentation I'm scheduled to give at a Big Conference this Friday. Succeeded in Accomplishing Something Small. Then went to bed.

I'm trying to accomplish this, right now... whether it's big or small, I'll not assess at the moment. But I may very well be able to accomplish it.

I hope.

This "not able to accomplish anything" could become quite distressing. Somehow I manage to visit the local Taiwanese tea shop for take-out lunch and tea. A few days ago, I managed to make it to a store that had electric carts for people like me, and stocked up on breakfast cereal and almond milk (which I recommend).

That's pretty much it, accomplishment-wise.

I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to make guacamole. Maybe go off for lunch... maybe. Maybe.

Poke at the presentation, maybe. That doesn't require too much energy.

Maybe... maybe... I'll be able to accomplish something having to do with sound and music. Maybe.

But I don't have much hope.

Well, at least I don't get "attacks." But this Total Loss of the Ability to Sit Up And Do Things...

This sucks.

I took (for whatever reason) a quick look via the computer at the stuff that's going on at the place I used to work. That I would definitely have been involved in.

There was a flash of grief; memory of bygone days, and how much fun it was. But then, I very quickly settled into "It's ok to not be there. Really. It's ok."

Had nothing to do with being stuck in bed. But it's certainly convenient, right now, for it to be ok to not be in the workforce there. Or anywhere, for that matter.

And... as you can guess... it's the only way to close tonight's posting, with Samuel Pepys famous farewell:

And so to bed.

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