Friday, November 30, 2012

Hot and Cold (in caps)

Finally did some real cooking tonight, the sort of thing I used to do nightly. Before The Disease...

Last week, I had picked myself up some hatcho miso. It's not available everywhere, it needs to be made in a specific city in Japan, using a very specific method, if it's to be legitimately called hatcho miso. Similar to the way the name "champagne" can properly be used by wines from a very specific region of France.

It was more strongly flavored than I expected, I had to do some unexpected "fiddlng and diddling," but the flavor came out just great. Chantrelle and oyster mushrooms, plus black cod, were the principle guests at the flavor party; everything worked out just fine. I have some broth left over, my wife says it'll be perfect with scallops... I agree. So, if all goes well, that'll be tomorrow night's dinner.

Also today, I negotiated a dosage change with my herbalist, for the current formula. You know you're living enough in the Eastern world, when you can send a message to the doctor using terminology like "too Cold" and "winter puts my Fire out, Cold formulas make it worse" and he understands you.

It's raining on and off, here in "sunny" southern California. It's very obvious... the plants like rain much better than they like irrigation.

I hope the adjustment to the herbal formula, with additions of yummy treats like hatcho miso broth, will help warm (and Warm) me up enough, so that I can enjoy the gifts that this rainy season wants to give me.

Stay warm and dry, friends.


Muffie said...

Robert, the cold weather does me in more than heat. We had a cold rain (37) earlier this week, and despite a coat, I was chilled to the bone. Now it's going to warm up to the 60s, and I'll be able to thaw a bit. You don't eat meat, but for me, chicken noodle soup (homemade, of course) has the same curative (and restorative) properties as your miso.

Robert Parker said...

Both the heat AND the cold get me. Just lucky, I guess.

And yeah, I do eat meat, although herbalist has asked me to keep it in moderation. I haven't been enjoying chicken by itself much, recently, but I'm sure I'd still enjoy a good chicken soup. I made a turkey soup years ago, back in The Day of Standard Thanksgiving Fare, and DANG was it good. Still, non-land-animal-eating wife doesn't object in the least to my carnivore leanings, but it does mean that I'd be the only one to be having that chicken soup for many, many, many days.