Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This week's prescriptions

Interesting prescriptions, this week. Non-pharmaceutical prescriptions... at least, not the pharmaceuticals that other people manufacture.

First: get more sun. Carefully--as doc said, "I want you to get sun, not skin cancer." And here's the good part: Go outside in the backyard, and lie in the sun, nude. And, with all my being... put all my attention, and intention, into soaking up that glorious sun.

"Can I wait until it gets warmer?" I ask.

Fortunately, he says yes.

He talks about vitamin D; one of the only things, he says, that we're sure actually helps people with M.S. But not vitamin D that you take; but the vitamin D you create for yourself--such as from the sun, for example, while lying nude in the back yard.

He also talks about This New Drug that's under study, entering phase 2. Seems to show promise, except that everyone who takes it becomes constantly nauseated. Yeah, we're not gonna go down that road. But the central component of it (I forget the scientific name) is actually something that's found in all sorts of stuff already--minus the extra methyl groups and other whatnot that cause perpetual nausea. But that whatever-it-is can be found in mushrooms without gills, such as morels; he also thought it was in porcini, even though that one does have gills.

So, I went mushroom shopping. No morels (right now, at least), but I did find the porcini, so that went into tonight's fritatta.

And tomorrow, weather permitting, I may be able to take off my jacket (just my jacket, don't worry) and soak up at least a little sun.

Generate vitamin D. Eat yummy mushrooms that have good-for-you chemicals. No nausea.

These prescriptions... I'll take!


Muffie said...

The sun I'm aware of -- I try to get some everyday (dressed, though -- the neighbors would definitely complain about that!) The mushrooms I will try -- certainly can't hurt Thanks for the info.

Gail said...

Hi and thanks. Great information. I knew about the vitamin D and I will put porcini mushrooms on the list.
Love Gail