Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hard and easy

Beautiful, beautiful writing by Judy at Peace Be With You, today.

MS is life is MS is life. The challenges are different; yet they are exactly the same. Because to meet them, we need precisely the same skills...

Openness. Forgiveness. Patience. Compassion. And truthfulness... Especially with, and towards, ourselves.

Given what life throws at us anyway... standing up? Walking without the walker, the cane, or the wheelchair?

That's easy. That's nothing.

But living... ah, living. Being truthful with yourself. Accepting the things that are set before you on the path of life, no matter what they may be. The triumphs, and the tragedies; the things you definitely deserve, that you have clearly earned (both reward and punishment); and the things that you definitely did not earn but that you "get to"—have to—deal with anyway.

That's hard.

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Judy at Peace Be With You said...

Thank you for adding dimension to my understanding of my own poem.