Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes doctors make you feel BETTER

What a wonderful day of receiving wonderful care!

Started the day at lunch with a friend of mine who has some experience in "coaching," to put his abilities into a single word. It took us both a while to help me figure out how/where to begin approaching the phase of life that it looks like I'm entering right now (actually... I probably should have entered it consciously and intentionally long before today, because I've definitely functionally entered into this particular phase long ago), but once we found the way to take The First Steps... It was simple; and it was beautiful. And, even better—it was right.

A very nice acupuncturing today. Some things hurt more than I'd hope for, some things hurt very interestingly (one needle I could feel resonating all the way down the meridian to the finger it ends on), and one point that usually hurts pretty bad, was for once, not that bad at all... and boy, what he used it for, felt great. The point's name is "The Palace of Weariness," and one of its uses is to be the place where you go to have your weariness healed. I've had this point a lot, in many contexts; but today, I really did feel my weariness being tended lovingly, in a palace that was indeed quite wonderful.

At the herbalist, I got another good report card: the amount of physiological "againstness" he's been tracking and treating, is actually being reduced, and it has reduced so much that he was able to spot another bit of lurking nastiness, and he can now begin treating that too. Today's formula has much in common with the Three Treasures formulas I used to so enjoy; unlike the more "corrective" Eight Principle school, Three Treasures formulas are only "tonifying;" one 3T herbalist described the goal of his school as "radiant health." And the herbs in the current formula are even reasonably regarded in the West, so it's a win-win, as far as I can tell. And no side effects! That's a trifecta, in my book. And many of them are specifically for soothing the spirit, which I can definitely use.

So, I still have M.S., and a bunch of body-stuff still works funny. But I got treated very wonderfully today, and I feel really good about both the present and the possibilities for the future.

All us M.S.ers should be so lucky—see a doctor, feel better when you leave the office, and no side effects.

What a wonderful day of receiving wonderful care!

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