Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another symptom

My doctor has some cool "toe shoes" that he got from REI. He loves them.

He says, though, that he seems to get his toes caught on things. Before, in "normal" shoes, his feet would just bump into things. He does that a lot more than he used to, he says. And not only do his feet bump into things more often, but with his disco "toe shoes," he catches things with his toes.

And so do I. Even without toe shoes.

So does his yoga teacher, Eric. Yes, that Eric—Eric Small. Eric tells him that his feet bump into things a lot more than they used to.

My doctor's take on this:

"I guess it's one of our symptoms."

Bladder problems are our symptom. Fatigue is our symptom. Problems with concentration and memory, spasticity, inability to do all sorts of things we used to take for granted... they're all our symptoms.

And so, apparently, is getting your toes—especially while you're wearing your disco REI toe shoes—caught on things.

Never let it be said that the M.S. journey doesn't come with a laugh. Here and there, when you suspect it least but need it most... Because laughter at ourselves is one of the best gifts of M.S.

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