Sunday, February 27, 2011

That's February for you

So I was looking at some opportunities at a composer's website, reading announcements for various composition contests, and thinking, "Yeah. Yeah. I can do this. I should do this." And I was already to give it a try. To give something a try.

That was Friday. Come Saturday and Sunday, I'm pretty much unable to do anything besides sit in the comfy chair. I spend the weekend sleeping, on and off. No energy, no fire of the soul, no ideas, no nothing. I did a little orchestration (fixing something for the musical coming up next weekend) and I suppose it used creativity--I felt like my orchestration was creative, at least--but it's not creating, and just that all-too-short time I spent in the music editor was pretty much all I could do, the whole weekend.

The low temperatures are making it harder for me to walk. I nearly fell over outside this morning, when my legs started shivering. Violently. (And yes, I know, 40s aren't cold compared to Connecticut where I lived for a few years. 40s is cold enough for me, right now. And I'm really, really grateful I'm not in Connecticut, and able to live in the "balmy" 40s.)

And, to add insult to injury, I can't seem to warm up. The house has heat and everything, but ... I lie in bed under felt sheets and a comforter folded double, and I don't warm up.

Well, MS does make you temperature-sensitive. I'm heat sensitive and cold sensitive. And right now, I'm cold in body, and cold in spirit.

That's February for you. Good thing it ends Tuesday.

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