Sunday, February 6, 2011


A first, today.

I stopped by a couple of stores on the way home from church (it's so nice to have my own car). Just like I always used to do. Like I haven't done in I can't tell you how many months.

A return to "the way it used to be." A nice first.

However... to purchase a bungee cord and visit the grocery store to pick up breakfast cereal and some vegetables... it took an hour and a half.

An hour and a half.

You have to understand, these are not "out of your way" stores, these are "drive by them as I go home." A twenty-minute ride at most.

And it took me an hour and a half. Do I really move that slowly? Does it really take that long to get the walker out of the truck? To walk through the aisles? To put the walker back into the truck?

I guess it does.

Not only do I still need to really accept the existence of the MS, I need to accept its consequences... and that won't happen until I become more cognizant of those consequences.

Another first... still to come.

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