Friday, February 11, 2011

Curve shapes

So, as I'm led to believe, in relapsing/remitting MS, you get worse, then you get better. Then you repeat. (Basically.)

In primary progressive MS, you just get worse. In secondary progressive, you get better and worse cyclically, then you just get worse. (Basically.)

So, as for my condition, for quite a while, I got steadily worse; and then, I got... nothing. The "getting worse" seems to have stopped; I seem to have plateaued.

This, I credit to the new herbalist, his herbal prescriptions (I can recommend him, but not a specific herb, these are tailored specifically to me so it wouldn't do you any good even to try them), and his diet: No coffee, no leafy greens, no (three underlines under "no") dairy of any kind, and minimal fruit-based sugar (nothing refined).

That "no dairy" thing, there has definitely been something to that. I started with the herbalist, went on the diet, things were getting better... then I started eating at the school's kitchen, even sticking with the "no cheese" options... apparently, they used more dairy than I thought they did, I got hit pretty hard by the hidden dairy. A few months later, some really-really-really-positively no-dairy months later, the "worsening" that had been creeping over me seems to have stopped. My wife doesn't need to push me around in the "walker in wheelchair mode" nearly as much as she used to; it really feels like I'm no longer progressing, disease-style.

I wonder if (oh, let's keep the positive outlook--when) the damage will recede... when the nervous system will repair itself.

As my wife said at the beginning of the whole MS adventure, "I wonder when the 'remitting' is going to start."

Hope springs eternal.

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