Monday, January 31, 2011

Surprises (nice, finally)

I had my truck's hand-control system adjusted this weekend, to fit me.

I also had him put in flip-up pedals, so that if the driver (usually me) isn't going to use the foot controls, they're out of the way, and the driver can simply stretch out his legs. (They flip down easily for "footed" drivers, such as one might find at valet parking.)

I enjoyed the control before, but now... I can't believe how comfortable driving is. It's more comfortable than it has ever been before.

I even drove it through stop-and-go traffic, up a hill. It was incredibly easy, much more comfortable than it ever was with foot controls, and certainly far more comfortable than it ever was when the truck was a manual transmission, and I was fighting with both foot pedals to inch up the hill.

I've gotten a lot of "surprises" on the Neurological Highway, but none as nice as this.

Nice surprises, I'll be happy to take. Any time.

The good surprises... keep 'em comin'.

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