Saturday, January 15, 2011


Just took my final "hand-control driving" lesson. The instructor is very pleased with me, he said I was a great student and that he enjoyed working with me. We still need to fine-tune the control to increase my comfort while using it, but I'm driving again. That's pretty much wonderful.

The garage door opener malfunctioned. I dealt with it. I didn't fix it (I think it's beyond my means, MS or not) but I dealt with it. Considering that I've been pretty much mired in darkness for several months, that's pretty much wonderful.

The day is warm, the air is fresh, and I want to be outside. And I might very well just go outside. That will be pretty much wonderful.

Yeah, my bladder is a constant source of surprises, misinformation, and Three-Stooges-style comedy. I feel like there's something strange brewing in my lungs, which may blossom into full-blown "nasty sick."

So what. Today is, on balance, pretty much wonderful. And in the MS world--in the human condition, for that matter--you need to welcome the joys that are given to you.

And I do.

Yes, I've got things to do inside. I want to go outside. So...

Time to open the windows. After all, creative accommodation is one of the first gifts of MS.

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