Friday, January 21, 2011

"Something new, every day"

I've been told that a good way to keep the mind fresh and alive is to see something new, every day. Several things, if possible. Not just to see them, to seek out seeing them.

Well, if working at a high school, filled with changing-every-day children wasn't enough of a source of "something new every day," the scenery on the MS road changes all the time. Sometimes, while you're looking right at it.

My first tip-off that something might be wrong, two years before The Diagnosis, was "sort-of numbness" in my legs. That, actually, has been changing.

The part of my legs that had been "sort of" numb, is actually starting to do quite a bit better. The diffuse probably-something-neurological ache is abating, I'm getting better surface/touch sensitivity, not just there but all over my legs.

Below the knee, sort-of-numbness (what I've called for a while "data corruption") seems to now becoming replaced by actual numbness. Walking around over the past couple of days, especially going up stairs, "sort of" sensation was replaced by full-on dental-anesthesia-grade numbness.

Something new every day. The world obliges your needs in the most interesting ways, does it not?

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