Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Better... ... ?

Well, what's new so far this year?

I have my wheels back. The hand control is installed, and I'm "flying solo" to work. The control needs a little adjusting, it's a little uncomfortable, but it works. And it gets me to work, on my own terms. I'm not yet up to "stop by the store on the way home" adventures, but I like having my car--my independence--back, in whatever state it happens to be.

I'm finding it strangely easy to drive at or just a hair below the speed limit. For Southern California, that's just plain abnormal... obeying the speed limit.

After I drive to work, I park my car in the lot and then use the walker to cross the street. I "walk," and I can't possibly make air quotes big enough around "walk," at a positively glacial pace. But, considering what else I've lost, it's still nice to say "I walk."

I was almost hit twice today, crossing the street to return to my car. In the crosswalk. With the signal favoring me. Everybody else where I work, adults and kids alike, just crosses the street when/where they feel like it, but I always--always--use the crosswalk and the pedestrian signal. Because, if anything happens, I want to be able to tell the investigator, "I was in the crosswalk, the light was green and the pedestrian signal told me it was OK to go. I was using my walker to cross the street--in the crosswalk--when the car hit me. Is there any part of this that you'd like me to go over again?" Doesn't make getting hit any less painful, but it does simplify the paperwork.

School's back in session. Just being around the kids makes me feel better.

I'm completely out of energy--hurting from being so much out of energy. I had an idea about some music to write, this morning... I lost it nearly immediately, because I didn't have a chance to write it down. I have the idea, still, but I'm going to lie down instead of keep staring at the computer.

So, I have my car back, I'm surrounded by the students, we hold each other in very high regard. I'm happy.

I'm so exhausted that it hurts.

So, I guess, on balance, I'm ... better?

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