Sunday, January 2, 2011

Same and different

Amy Gurowitz shared some interesting insights into her MS experience.

It's precisely my experience. And completely different from my experience.

It's interesting that so many of us MSers have the same experience: ambiguity; impermanence; being forced to confront the human condition, looking it -- and our mortality -- squarely in the face.

The road it takes to share this with us is unique to each of us. Our symptoms are similar, but never exactly the same. The medical tools we use to do our best to moderate/buffer/ease the experience are also unique to each of us... and they each, in their own way, are from time to time partially, but more frequently un, successful.

No matter what physical symptoms afflict us, it always manifests itself as a spiritual journey.

And if MS is nothing but the human condition, writ so large that we can no longer ignore it, does that not make the human condition itself ... that very spiritual journey?

The spiritual journey, I know I need to face. The physical symptoms... those, I could very easily live without. But those very symptoms are what confront me with this inescapable spiritual journey.

What a pisser.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robert~
Thanks for sharing this link to my blog (coping mechanism). I'm enjoying reading of your experience; in similarities and differences. You have unique observations, that are great to read about.

I look forward to reading more!
All the best in 2011,