Monday, July 26, 2010

Out of the box

An interesting blog post by Seth Godin this morning. Instead of "thinking out of the box," he argues that you should blow up the box. He concludes, "If the only alternative is slow and painful failure, the way to get unstuck is to blow up a constraint, deal with the pain and then run forward. Fast."

Well, slow and painful failure (at least in some senses) might very well be my possible future. Certainly slow failure comes to us all, those who are lucky don't have to deal so much with "painful."

So, Godin says, blow up the constraint.

So, the interesting question, now, is: What exactly is my constraint?

Sure, MS is karking up my walking, all sorts of physical functions, currently it's pounding me with nasty fatigue and sapping my creativity.

But, is it really my "constraint?"

It is if I want it to be, of course... but could it be that MS is an enabler rather than a destroyer, a catalyst that, by eliminating certain paths of action, is actually creating new possibilities?

It is if I want it to be, of course... and, given the choice between limitation and new possibilities, I'll take the latter.

So, the universe is holding something out to me... I don't know yet what it is, or how to take it. But I think I should somehow open my hands, and my heart, and receive it.

How? Dunno yet.


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