Sunday, July 11, 2010

The gift of "no"

I had some trouble sight-singing some music this morning.

I've been having a few troubles with music, lately... I've been wondering whether the music road may be starting to take a turn to the dark, bumpy, narrow, or unnavigable.

And then I thought, what a wonderful word "no" could be.

Because on the flip side of "no" is "yes."

On the flip side of "don't do THAT" is "do THIS instead."

I'm not ready to mark, announce, or even plan for "the end of the music road." I think it's still too early for that... even if, perhaps, I'm beginning to see the first sign posts.

But if that is what is to be; if I am indeed going to come to the end of the music road...

it means that another road is beckoning to me.

Which means, just as I am being sensitive to "are we coming to the end of the road I've known," I need to be just as--if not more--sensitive to the road I do not know.


And I think that I hear the voice of said road calling to me... but I don't know precisely where the "onramp" is, or where it's going to take me.


These are also the lessons of kyudo... Listen to the bow. Give fully, and thereby you may receive fully. Don't claim the shot; be a full participant, but it's not your shot. It never was.

And, then what?

Shoot again.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What an awesome outlook and I believe it is true. Have fun discovering the location of your new onramp. It could be anywhere. I need to remember your sentiments. Thank you!