Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Change required

Another nice treatment at the acupuncturist. Well, certainly "nice" in the sense of "what I needed," but it hurt more than usual.

All sorts of energy blocks. Doc said, as he has many many times before, that these energy blocks are a call for a change. A fundamental, significant change.

And, of course, because dealing with the world is such a big deal nowadays, any change that begins with "go somewhere and..." or "do something like..." are not the changes that are required. It needs to be an entirely internal change.

So, even if I knew the answer to the question "what do I do to change," it wouldn't be a useful answer, since "what do I do" is the wrong question.

He also told me I need to be more light-hearted. That I'm too serious. That I need to have more fun.

And maybe I should write some happy music.

Now, that's something that I can "do." I had started poking at some big overblown sturm und drang composition, but it has been going nowhere. So... time to laugh and smile.

Hey, as far as crapshoots go, it's better than shooting yourself with interferon. So, tomorrow, I ditch the grim and start exploring "happy."

We'll see where that takes me.

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