Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yet again, the English language isn't helping me through my MS journey.

"Improvement." Everyone loves that word. Everyone feels good when they're improving. Everyone hopes that whatever treatment path they're following will lead to improvement.

At physical therapy on Friday, I asked my therapist, "Is this doing any good?"

Well... she said (basically) that physical activity is known to be good for MS (the usual), and that maybe, if I'm indeed on the "progressive" MS track, whatever symptoms I have right now are not as bad as they might have been had I not been doing physical therapy... of course, there's no way to know either way whether that's true.

So, I'm looking for some sort of improvement to hang my hat on, I can't find any (I'm finding the opposite quite easily), and neither can my physical therapist.

The most I can hope for is... not-as-bad-ment. Maybe. If that, indeed, is happening. Of course, you can't be sure either way.

I'm glad I tend to find this funny rather than a cause for despair. 'Cause I'd be simmering in despair, if I had such tendencies.

But I'm not finding it as funny as I often do. And "dark humor," believe me, I know dark humor.

But I'm not despairing.

Which is, I guess, an improvement.

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Debbie said...

What a positive outlook! I will be hoping for improvement for you soon!