Friday, June 25, 2010

Victories are victories matter how small. They're victories. And I'll take 'em.

Drove to school today. In my truck. I haven't driven my truck for over a month.

It was fine. Everything was just fine, odd leg sensations notwithstanding. Driving--no problem.

Didn't get kakloads of work done at school, but I got something done (more importantly, I accomplished the thing that I specifically went to school to do). I was there much longer than I thought I'd be, I have no idea why it took so long. But it was fine. Stuff got done.

Went to a store looking into possible new shoes; didn't find what I wanted. But I made it to the store, into the store, out of the store, and drove to my next destination. No problem.

Went to the grocery store. Got some cool stuff to make for my wife's dinner.

Spent the afternoon working on said dinner. I was on my feet so long that my right foot and leg went nasty, nasty numb, much worse than they've ever been before. Scary, nasty numb.

I didn't care. I made my wife's dinner. I haven't made her a dinner like this in months. For 25+ years, I've made dinner, pretty much every day. Except, not this year; this year, my ability to do anything, and especially making dinner, has been bad. Very bad; and on the worst days, when standing at the kitchen counter was too much to ask of myself (and it too often was), I started to worry that my days in the kitchen were going to be at an end.

But today, I made my wife dinner. It hurt. I didn't care. I made my wife dinner.

Victories are victories. No matter how small.

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