Saturday, June 26, 2010

The right fit

My wife and I attended a yoga session this afternoon.

We had never met this teacher before, but (as I found out after the session) we both had the same reaction upon hearing the teacher's first words:

This is the guy.

It was a wonderful session. We spent about the first half hour on standing positions; for the first time, my legs got worked. And worked wonderfully. After all that work, I could still walk--the last yoga session, with a different teacher, screwed up my legs so badly I could barely walk for two days.

We talked with him after the class, for a bit. He agreed that the right teacher, plus the right style, equals the right results. And, after working with me for only one session, he detailed a couple of styles that were definitely not for me; and he was right, I had tried those styles, and they were a very poor fit. An "anti-fit," really.

So we're going to try to work with this fellow again. And maybe, again and again.

So, dear reader, if you've tried yoga and it has left you unimpressed/annoyed/unmoved, keep trying, but try something and someone that's completely different.

When you find the right style, and the right teacher: it's miraculous.

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