Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Better (1/2 a ?)

Well, Tuesday's treatment is settling a little more, today. It was pretty rocky last night, but things are a little smoother now.

The MS-ery is kinda nasty today. My feet are "flaming cold," if you'll forgive the mixed metaphor; they feel like they're soaking in forty-degree water, and walking is varying between "not good" and "eh... pretty much as mediocre as usual."

My physical therapist today said that the "ouch" in my left side that I get when I twist is probably just a pulled muscle. "No nasty hard massage that goes digging," she said. "Be gentle. Do what makes it feel good."

I had started to pound on a programming project, but... I think I'm going to follow her advice. Be gentle. Take it easy. Luckily, today (so far) promises to indulge me.

So, I'm off to rest. Take it easy. Be gentle.

A nice change, that.

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