Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today was oddly tough. On many levels.

Had the final class of the year with some of my students. And probably, my final class ever, with nearly all of them. I only teach 9th grade computer skills; the kids that are in performing arts I'll at least see/work with again, maybe a small handful of them will take programming... but today and tomorrow is very much "goodbye." It's always happy, sad, and weird.

One of said classes didn't really feel like watching the cartoon I wanted to show them. Now, c'mon, it's the last class of the year, every other teacher is ratcheting up the pressure, and I show them a cartoon so they can have at least one period to relax. And they don't like the cartoon. And it's our goodbye. Oddly tough, that.

On the MS front, walking was very odd today. My right leg feels like an overfilled water balloon, except filled with mercury. It's odd, and uncomfortable.

The end of the school day was tough... I went to a meeting about this project... details aren't really important, except that it's something regarding which I have a terrifying amount of both expertise and experience. Like, more than thirty years of experience in said field. And the impression that I get is that The Enterprise (the disembodied consciousness that is the "institutionality" of the institution) really, really, doesn't want my help. Very clearly doesn't want my help. On some level, it's fine; it's not my problem, clearly it's not my problem, so why should I worry about it? But feeling that your help is so unwanted... it's weird. It's tough.

Physical therapy was tough. We spent some time doing things that just didn't want to happen, we did some tests to see how my leg and ankle proprioception was doing (in a word, "sucks," and really, I could have told them that, but hey, they wanted to quantify it, and there's no check box for "suck" on the assessment form.).

So, I think I'm gonna tear up the "maybe I'll do that tonight" list and pack it in. I made some turmeric/ginger tea tonight (you can get actual turmeric roots from the right stores, and although you can make it from powder, it's better out of the root), I think I'm just gonna lie back in my chair, drink my tea, and watch the new Mythbusters.

At least one thing needs to not be tough today.

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