Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sol in solstice

Today is the winter solstice. Astronomers and astrophysicists and similar folks can tell you exactly when UTC the solstice occurs, but here in dark cold and wet Pasadena... It's the solstice. Given how overcast it is, there's no Sol in solstice, as far as I can see. Which ain't much with this cloud cover.

Many spiritual writers of many pursuits speak of how the darkness comes  so that the light can return.  This is true metaphorically on n anatomical level; you eat only after you're empty, you can't fill if you're already full. Biology and gastronomy and spirituality: When all those tell you the same thing, best to listen.

And so it is with us on the MS Highway. The number of things we have each lost due to this neurological nonsense, if written on just scraps of paper, could cordon the planet. Each of us has lost things that were very, very close and precious to us. And they're all gone.

And yet, the darkness means that light will return. These can be very dark days, sometimes very dark,  yet the promise of light remains with us.

So then, this is what lies before us, this particular day.

Look into the darkness without fear, without darkness within ourselves, and see the light that is already there.

There is a Sol in solstice, after all.

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