Thursday, December 24, 2015

A merry Christmas, indeed!

So many of the MS Blog community will, from time to time, talk about their holiday preparations... Got the cookies ready, making some beloved dish for the family, going out to see folks. That sort of thing. The wonderful, and very joyful, magic of the season.

Well, what have I been doing? Besides lying a lot in bed, which ain't too holiday, even if I am occasionally watching Christmas Carol?

Well, let's see... I sent music to churches quite literally all over the country--Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, a few more, it's a bit of a blur... Ordered Christmas gifts to be delivered to the other side of the country as well as here at home. Saw a friend whom I can very rarely see in person, who happened to be here in southern California and could actually visit! To celebrate, I made one of his favorite teas--pu erh, of course. Not the stuff of Victorian Hallmark Christmas, but quite nice for cold weather and great for your health any time of the year.

So, I want to gift all of you with some music, my dear readers! The "proper" for Christmas Day, the text you're supposed to use if you're in the formal-liturgy world, is "Hodie, Christus natus best"-- today, Christ is born, today the savior appears.

And so for all of you, here it is, an excellent 2013 performance by a really really really good orchestra and choir.

Have a merry, merry Christmas indeed!

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