Thursday, December 17, 2015

Then and now

After many sessions of "cutting stuff loose," and more still to come, yesterday there was a moment of wonder...

A record... a VINYL RECORD that has to go on a turntable... was unearthed from the carefully stored record collection. All sorts of records are still there, but I found one that is very, very precious to me.

I'll futz with the color & such, but you get the idea. It's a recording made by the Yale Band in something like 1981. And on the record is a track from their performance of a transcription of Respighi's Church Windows. And on that very track is what may be one of the only if not THE only recording of me playing the BFO, as I used to refer to the Big F... Organ, in Woolsey Hall at Yale.
It was a life-changing performance. Absolutely everything changed that evening. Everything.

I'm having it digitized so I can share it, and I'll share it here when it's ready.

Am I attached to it? Hell yes. But this one time... it's kinda worth it.

It was fun, dammit!

The good part is that nowhere and never do I go into "Oh, I used to be so good at XYZ" and all the regrets left in shards for one to trip over. It was fun, it was amazing, it was unbelievably major, and ... it's over. But None of those things matter. If there's anything I do not need to be attached to, it's how now is not then. And of course, presuming that this makes "now" horrible. Actually, the moment then made now amazing.

And which of us need to live in the world of regret that now is different from then?

Then provided me exactly what was necessary to create now.

Being accessorized with MS was provided then, to create now. If my time with the concert band and the BFO, worked that way, shouldn't the MS Journey?

A very, very trusted friend once said "You needed to get MS."

So, then, this is our mission, not just for us MSers but for us humans...

Enjoy the amazing that is now. Because it is amazing, if you can only see it.

It's right in front of us. Should we not, then... enjoy it?

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