Monday, November 16, 2015

Pretty much the usual

And so we begin the wind-up to many special days.

And no, I'm not talking about Black Friday. In this internet Amazon-rife world, getting Christmas gifts runs pretty much 24/7, 365 days a year. Figure out what you want to get someone, order it online, tell the online folks when you want it delivered and whether you want it wrapped. Which kinda thing is really, really welcome to folks like me pretty much living in a wheelchair.

Actual Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday. My folks are coming from South Carolina to spend it with me and my wife. How and whether I'll be even able to leave the house much less eat a nice big dinner when I rarely want much if anything... Those we'll deal with when we get there.

Football games... as a Yalie, I only care about The Game, which is how us Yalies refer to it, the Yale Harvard game, which is the longest on-going college football game in the world; it has been ongoing since 1875, which makes it 140 this year. A bit of a shock, I was there for #100... I don't want to watch it. they never televise it and live-blogging or not, they never cover the marching band show which, besides the final score, is all I care about. And part of the yearly ritual is to try to tip the hat to some Harvard grads without gloating if Yale wins. All our problems should be so silly.

And the ongoing life in a wheelchair. Which is kinda weird, actually, seeing things from wheelchair perspective all the time shows you pretty much everything differently. Not like the MS Journey doesn't...

But the kicker for this Game following Yalie is the weather. iPhone predicts something in the mid 40's, which ain't so bad, but considering that during my years, we had to take the entire marching band into the (fortunately ample) men's room so that the valve oil in the brass instruments would un-freeze and allow the instruments to play... oh kids today, they don't know what they got.

Any other MS news? Well, I still got it, it still does amazing things and simultaneously sucks.

Pretty much the usual.

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