Monday, November 9, 2015

Hell of a disease

It has been a few days, hasn't it? What has been going on? Sure, I could say "Same s--t, different day," but that's both glib and wrong.

I haven't returned to the writing, or arranging, or working on the actual creation of, music. Did have a few ideas about a big-Christmas-service postlude, how to make a favorite carol sparkle with organ and brass, what carol to use... Maybe a 6/8 instead of a 4/4, how would I make that fun and celebratory for the organ, to start with?

I gotta say, hell of a lot better thing to worry--even to think-- about than whether I have enough catheters before insurance decides that I need them... Oh, I so do not wanna go into the duel with the devil. Some wisdom traditions refer to "the devil" as ahriman, the Adversary... But whatever one might say about these people, and anyone who interfaces with them at all much less regularly, putting adversarial imagery into one's consciousness can't really be helping. At all.
Giving them more power is a bad, bad, idea.

In better news, the last few days have been completely hit-the-ground free. Never even close! Got a request for some music from some nice folks in Texas, a high-school teacher even, we enjoyed a couple of brief but I'm sure filled-with-smiles exchanges about the joys of living in that particular world. And it is a joyful place indeed. When your mind rests not on interactions with middle management, a universal horror, but on the sparkling light of the young ones discovering the magic within themselves... it's a truly beautiful place, indeed.

Middle management cannot even conceive of the real magic that we do. I got to school late one day, found that one of the faculty had somehow hit the ground, paramedics were called (everyone was OK, in the end, nothing Truly Bad happened) but the kids were of course freaked out.

I told one of the little ones (this is "little" for high-school, remember, 14 years old maybe) that she was eternal, we are all truly eternal... but this thing we drive around in, this body and all, that's temporary... and nobody likes to be reminded of that. So here I am, a guy in a wheelchair, telling a beloved student that she is eternal, it's just this body that's temporary, it has issues, nobody enjoys that, but... eh, whadda ya gonna do? That's a Life Lesson, isn't it?

Good to remember that when you're wheelchair and often bed-ridden. Eh, it happens. I am and always have been an eternal being of Light; this body's issues are... feh. A temporary inconvenience.

MS as the doorway to see what is, at one's core, eternal. Light.
Hell of a disease, ain't it?

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