Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kino's Journey, always ongoing

Quite an adventure yesterday: I hit the floor again, in a completely new and different way... The wheelchair tipped forward while I was trying to pick something up off the floor, I slid off (also forward, sorta) and the chair went backwards.

My dear and wonderful wife had to find a neighbor to help pick me up, but with her amazingly fast Internet research, she found a video of "picking someone off the floor" using only two people... and it worked, very well! Took a couple of tries to get right, but when they did, it was great. I'm back in the chair, no serious nasty effect taken from the experience, and I was able to recuperate and actually have breakfast (which had been on my list before "It" happened).

And yet, I went to my usual place of "Actually, this ain't bad!" I'm lying on the floor while Karen is doing her best to find help, I look up and see a window, which I look through and say "Looks like a very clear sky today! Wonder how warm it's gonna get?" Not so bad, lying on the floor as I may be, at least I'm enjoying myself.

Is this not a challenge us MSers (us humans) face all the time? Something bad happens, and yet we can find something beautiful. Honestly beautiful... and honestly enjoy it.

Be here now, as Ram Dass has said for many years. Sometimes the here and now sucks, but it is beautiful at the same time.

It's Kino's Journey all over again... The world is not beautiful, and yet... the world is beautiful.

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