Friday, November 27, 2015

Now THAT'S a prescription

Congratulations to all of you, my dear readers, simply for surviving Thanksgiving.

My parents came all the way from South Carolina (nearly on the Atlantic coast) just to hang out with me. Which, given my current condition, involves a lot of sitting and sort-of talking. But that was just fine!

Goodies were provided by various places off site, my wife took my dad out to pick them up; Dad was amazed to see how much downtown LA has changed since he left, so many more tall buildings eclipsing the famous city hall tower, which a friend of mine always called "the pointy building."

He said nothing of the Triforium (brightly colored thingamabob in the foreground), but neither does anybody else, nowadays.

I introduced my mother to the cartoons that bring me such joy, about which she knew nothing. The joys of Steven Universe, and the many really dear moments where the characters quite clearly care about, and for, each other. They love each other; they'd even die for each other.
Took a while to explain Gems and "fusion," but I think she got it.

Mom's something like 84. She's definitely on the "boy I'm getting old" track... She sleeps a lot, she had no interest in seeing the sights of Los Angeles, she doesn't walk so good, doesn't need a wheelchair but does avail herself of them. 

She's basically going through a lot of what me, the MS Guy, is going through. Thirty years younger, and all. Oh well.

She has been talking about "maybe this is the last trip," or of there's another one, she's not sure when or whether it'll happen.

Dad's doing great. He spends every day being chased by, and chasing even, the grandkids. His cardiologist told him "If you don't want to come in, come see me next year."

Now that's a prescription.

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