Friday, November 13, 2015

Don't need an astrophysicist

A gently powerful acupuncture treatment yesterday. Among many poetic points was one called "Assembly of Ancestors," who are called upon to support you.

And I really do feel better, supported even, today. Doesn't have much to do with neurological nonsense, but this morning at least, I feel like I'm definitely doing better.

Have no idea how this stuff works. But as Ruby on Steven Universe said, "Don't know--don't care."
Exchanged some notes with a Olde Timey College Friend, who is going through her own medical issues, with added bonus of not-quite-experienced-enough doctors who assured her that certain procedures weren't much but when it was all over, caused her hours if not days of nasty pain.

At least our MRIs don't hurt. They make a lot of weird noise, but at least they don't hurt. For days.

Oddest "WTF is us with that?" moments over the last few days, could be age as well as The Disease. I find reading text on my iPad to be vastly easier than from a book, which makes me sad since I have my friend's latest book and am having problems reading it. But at one point, I tried covering just one eye... covering the right made everything clear up, things were great! And here I am at the computer typing this, but to make things easy enough to read comfortably, I'm using a napkin between my glasses and my face to cover my... you guessed it, left eye.

Things are cooling seriously off here in Pasadena. Yesterday when I got up at 5, phone said it was 38 degrees. outside.. hell of a long way off the 100 it was a couple of weeks ago. You take what you can get, right?

There is magic in the fall, and a different magic in the winter. There are many things we MSers can't do, but feel the magic of the season, that's definitely still within our reach.

So... as best you can, connect with Nature. It's really quite amazing... As many astrophysicists will tell you, "Nature is more imaginative then we are."

Don't need an astrophysicist to tell me that!

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