Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Change of seasons comes when it wants to. Here in southern CA, it has changed from whack hot to whack cold. My MS experience has vacillated from heat-sensitive to cold-sensitive; as I'm trying to type right now, I'm definitely cold sensitive. The heater in the bedroom I can adjust because the thermostat is accessible from my wheelchair, but the one in the living room can only be reached with long arms and standing up. The first I can do, the second, not so much. I'll have to get a long-armed friend to come over and poke at it, at which time it'll probably run hot again. For my convenience.

I have been enjoying, yes enjoying, my sensitivity to things, watching my wife. She's my caregiver, and a generous one at that, but she is radiantly beautiful. She's my Flame Princess, always sweet, always regal,always beautiful.
Beauty surrounds us. The list of things I can no longer do changes daily and grows ever longer, and exposes many issues to deal with. And yet, there is beauty.

As the series Kino's Journey often said, the world is not beautiful; and therefore, it is beautiful.
Of course, Kino had a talking motorcycle, but still... The world is definitely not beautiful.


It is.

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