Sunday, September 27, 2015

Very good medicine

Sent some e-mail this morning to a friend of mine from my dim and distant past, who like me has been "accessorized" by a... what Lewis Black would probably describe as a "fuck STUPID" disease. I was e-mail chatting with her regarding medical cannabis.

Self-prescription doesn't always work out well, but those of us who need medical cannabis, and I mean NEED, not just "wanna use," or as Bill Maher put it, "I'm suffering a lot from whatever it is I told them I have..."  But we need to become our own weed masters. Who select and blend varieties for the specific good they do us.

I found a varietal that very specifically eliminates spasticity and leg pain. Other varieties are good for mid-day, others that are good for last thing in the evening.  One thing I'm finding interesting is to explore the labeled-as "hybrid" varieties, or making my own blends--a pinch of this one, a pinch of that one, perhaps a bit of that one, too... Which is especially good if I need a little more support, to feel good about being alive. Right blend clears the darkness and gets rid of leg pain.

Sure beats injectable DMDs that make you sick for a week, maybe feel good for a day, then get sick for a week again. And don't make you better.

But as for the cannabis, I do feel better. It may actually be helping the MS, cannabis is neuroprotective, and CBD (as my cannabis doctor tells me) is anti-inflammatory, both of which are specifically good for MS... And feeling better is good for pretty much everyone.

Side effects? You get munchies, which for someone like me who basically doesn't get hungry any more, is a good thing, or you laugh. Which for me, are the primary effects... the reason I use it.

Laughter is very good medicine.

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