Saturday, September 12, 2015

The only option

Got the day started with the Usual Stuff, which worked well enough. Made my wife her morning matcha and delivered it in a tea bowl not a tea cup, which she really enjoyed.
For "afters," we are enjoying osmanthus oolong, a very global and quite charming tea. Tea-wise, it's a good day.

Let's see... placed an order for something, sent an e-letter, am currently typing this. I do still have music to worry about and finish...

But instead, I'm going to lie down. Catch up on missed Larry Wilmore shows, must must MUST catch some favorite cartoons with Wifey, first on the list being this week's new episode of Food Wars and Steven Universe, an important episode where Connie's mom finds Rose's sword...
... which makes mom freak out, lay heavy crap onto Connie, then Connie and Steven save everybody, and Connie finally pushes back against her dangerously-control-freak mom.

And high time for that, too. I expected Stevonnie would be the one to push everybody over the edge, but it was good for Connie to deal with it personally.
Again, this beloved show often comes down to "we need to tell the truth."

Art imitates life.

I keep coming up against this myself, and I too keep coming to the same, well, sentence...

Time to tell the truth.

Ram Dass has spoken of "Love God, and tell the truth," but the major components are "love" and "truth." Being in the MS state has pretty much removed a lot of options that are often quite enjoyable with which I can distract or (too often) delude myself, but time and again, I come to a wall with only one door, and that door, the only way through the barrier, is...

To walk through the door of "truth."

This is quite the gift of MS... to have option upon option stripped from you, until the only one left is...


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