Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hell of a gift.

Well, quite the week so far... For the first time in quite literally over a decade, I've had to cancel going to this Significant Thing in another city because, alas, right now, I don't have the strength. My daily life is bathroom, bed, bathroom, bed, bathroom, bed... You see the pattern. I pray that I can spend some time working on computer stuff before I have to pack it in. It doesn't take much... and then bam, I hit the wall, and it's over.

I really should try to work more with the "writing in bed" thing... doing stuff like this from the bed rather than the studio computer, which requires sitting up in the wheelchair which adds to the "energy sucking."

My ever-patient wife prods me, lovingly and often quite correctly, to seek out help-the-handicapped computer stuff... a better keyboard, a better mouse, to remove the failure points and make my computer-using life easier. Perhaps I'll do that today, lying in bed. Or maybe I'll put Cartoon Network on and got to sleep with that in the background. I tend to go back to sleep a lot, at least I want to be comfortable.

It is moon cake season--here in huge-Taiwanese-population southern California, it's definitely time to enjoy moon cakes!
We're having ours with Dark Oolong--perfect for cloudy and cool, which it sometimes is, especially in the morning, and which pairs superlatively with moon cakes.

Well, it's time to head off for Morning Medical (for lack of a better word) Madness, then some breakfast even, maybe I'll try to poke at some music which is hideously overdue to be finished, before I hit the wall and have to pack it in.

And how long will I do creative things before I hit the wall... Who can say?

We'll see how much tea and moon cakes do for me. In the finest of MS-treatment situations...

No side effects.

I spent some time yesterday with someone whom I've known quite simply for decades... He's still working at the school I used to work at, and he told me beautiful stories of the daily miracles of students discovering the miracle of music! And also of what The Grownups have done to the place, and it's quite clear that as painful as my disconnection from that place was, staying there would have been... horrible.

This was quite an amazing gift of MS... it quite literally got me out of hell. The Enterprise couldn't deal with accommodating me and my MS, long and complex the details of said separation may be, but getting out of there when I did? Couldn't have left at a better time... unless you think about "sooner."

But this was the most amazing gift of MS... having no choice but to face and deal with the truth of my current-life situation.

To my gentle readers who are not "accessorized" as I am with MS... this is for you, too.

Face the truth, and deal with it.

A gift of MS for the non-MSified as well as those of us who are ... MS-equipped.

Hell of a gift, truth.


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