Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time to tell the truth

Had quite a powerful acupuncturing yesterday. Some very powerful points, but fortunately not particularly painful points. For example, Spirit Burial Ground--a point they reach for when your spirit needs to be resurrected.

Also a very good talk about coming to grips with the truth of the moment. Some things to which I had to say farewell were surprisingly easy to come to terms with. One might have expected the farewell to the "graduation organ gig, I had to give up playing the organ because (a) I couldn't control the pedals anymore, and (b) I couldn't get onto and more importantly stay on the bench without falling over. And this was a farewell after doing this same gig for forty years. And yet, somehow it was OK to say goodbye.
Partially because not being able to use any pedals was just so unsatisfying... But it was OK, it was time to let it go.

Now, I'm in a different state. A much worse one. The "I can't do this at all" list keeps getting longer... and for certain things, it's just time to come clean; things have changed. Definitely.

Tell the truth with love; very much my prescription this week. The truth has power; the anime Earth Maiden Arjuna (superlative soundtrack, amazing visual design, but for the most part, with a really skanky script) at some point features a character saying that truth has power simply by being true. And definitely, true is definitely true.
So... be true to yourself; be true about yourself. Even if it's hard, be true. And tell the truth with love... even if, and especially if, the truth is very, very, hard.

So hard as this is, this is a gift indeed. I no longer have a choice.

Time to tell the truth.

And yet, the harder it is... speak the truth with love. Face it--yet, still, speak that truth with love.

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