Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All I got

Got something done this morning,  on wicked-overdue music. Stopped working with it hand control went wack.

Doing this now to practice "not giving up." If you were to see the errors I'm committing and then correcting with errors which then require MORE error correction... you'd see why I give up as much as I do. When "typing" becomes functionally equivalent to rubbing your face against the keyboard, calling it "typing," and then rubbing your face against the keyboard while calling your work "correcting the errors"...

Well, ain't much point to "typing," is there?

I'm pretty much at the edge. All set for back-to-bed. Will I try again later?

We'll see. Probably not, but who can say?

Was going to share something thoughtful.... but rubbing my face on the keyboard and calling it "thoughtful" ain't much help.

May have more tea, osmanthus oolong today! Will go to bed ASAP, may need to do the Cath Thing, may not.
And that's all  I got.

And so to bed.

Because that's all I got.

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