Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Might even work

Small victories... are victories, regardless of size.

I got these Things from Apple, to do various necessary Things... none of which they seemed interested in doing. Well, I got my wonderful-beyond-wonderful wife to do some stuff tosome cables, and suddenly, The Thing finally works. Now there needs to be another wire located and used to connect Another Thing to something, and I expect Things there will work too.

All this fancy wireless crap, and to solve the problem, all it takes is a particular wire with a particular connector. Low tech works better than High tech. Not just "sometimes," Often.

Ah, for the MS world to be so easily helped by low tech. It often is.. even if I am in the Cath Club, it really is quite low tech. The catheter is basically a straw, with disco ends. But it works, and quite well too... At least, when B-san is interested in being cathetered.

That's something the West can learn... instead of trying to find a hammer that'll squash everything indiscriminately, maybe try cooperating with where the MSer is, here and now. As a friend of mine said he learned at a Zen center, "Pay attention."

O-Sensei, the inventor of aikido, illustrated particular moves while calling them "blending."

Perhaps we could try blending, O-Sensei style, with the MS condition?

Who knows... might even work.

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