Monday, June 8, 2015

Hope springs eternal.

Some amazing things, last week. I'm sorry to not have kept up a little more regularly, but the typing becoming harder kinda gets in the way of well, typing. My little iPhone will do speech-to-text, I suppose I should see if I can do that on my big desktop machine.

Best thing that happened is a visit from a friend of mine from Connecticut. He is in LA to do some Big Thing, but he had some time to stop by my place and chat. I showed him the score I'm working on, we talked music and the crappy state of audio instrumental samples--many people have created piles of "this'll be just fine" turnkeys, which are not only not fine but worse than what used to be pretty much standard.

It was really wonderful to spend time with a "music brother," even if I had really badly hit the wall and otherwise would have loved to have been in bed. I played him some of my music, in the home studio which has all sorts of sound-friendly acoustical stuff in it, and hearing both recorded and synthesized stuff in there is actually pretty fun, even during those wish-I-were-in-bed hours.

Well, that's life and age and such. Things change and not always for the better, but at least with the whole "mortality" thing, offering "oh don't think about that old stuff, this new thing will be JUST FINE" doesn't really work.

Kinda like someone telling you "oh that doesn't hurt." Oh, really...

At least my acupuncturist admits that CV-1 or Heart Protector 9 hurt. Not long, but it'll be worth it.

I wish I could take that attitude with my huge-air-quotes "typing."

Won't take long (well, actually, it does, it takes way too long with all the poking and mis-poking and mouse-dropping and keyboard-in-the-lap dropping and correcting the mistakes that all those cause, which requires its own time and often makes things run longer because all sorts of new errors get introduced) but at the end, it'll be worth it.

Gotta remind myself of that, here in my current MS-ridden state.

Hang in there and it'll turn out to have been worth the pain.

Hope springs eternal.

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