Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Right tool for the right job

Well, at least I'm sitting at my computer in the studio. Will I use it to do music?

Or will I give up and lie down?

Great. Autocorrect just cost me some time by suggesting a ludicrous correction to a mistyped four-letter word.

I don't think I feel like being "helped" by the computer. I definitely don't feel like providing excuses to the OS to offer "corrections."

This is not good. Just looking at the keyboard and then looking up at the screen is more difficult than usual this morning... takes more time, takes more time, AND is disorienting which is uncomfortable AND takes more time.

I only have so much to give. A bunch of it was just taken by mistyping "only" in the prior sentence.

Am I hung up on "time?" Am I bitter? Actually, no and no. What I am getting hung up on is being prevented from creating. Even if it's as humble as this little blog.

So, creative things I could do... continue working on this big piece for concert band and chorus, dig up and assemble what's needed to do some more CD releases--Lord, does anyone besides my 80-plus-year-old mother even use CDs? But I can get stuff onto iTunes, so a little of each covers more than  just one... I have a presentation to work on (just the thinking-about-it bits, right now, no cut-and-paste PowerPoint or any of that), I have some video-blogging stuff to contemplate, two different ones, neither MS related--and lots of people have told me I need to do an MS book.

Keeping an active mind is not a problem. Even simple things like "scrawling notes," however, are. Good heavens, my handwriting is so bad that I'm not sure I can even play tic-tac-toe without putting an eye out. Mine, or someone else's. My wife Karen has been very properly and kindly been after me to look into help-the-handicapped stuff for computers, which I guess I can do on my back in bed, but defining my challenges and using those definitions to search for things involves understanding what people think about such things because that affects the way they design, describe, and market them.

Looking for an Apple-compatible keyboard with "big-ass keys" doesn't usually get you anywhere useful.

Well, for once my hands aren't too cold to control well enough, so I'm gonna see if wife needs her Good Morning Matcha yet, snag a snack, why not--when you don't get hungry any more, if you feel the vaguest interest in eating anything, best eat whatever, anything, but promptly!

Also on today's "it's easy to do on your back" to-do list, figure out what I might send my own father, and my brother who is also most definitely a father, of 3 and 5-year-olds. They're not the "watch the NBA" kinda guys...perhaps a new Ram Dass book? Or some anime--always a god bet, if you know what to get. But no Naruto. Definitely no Naruto.
The right tool for the right job, y'know... right?

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