Friday, June 19, 2015


Ah, the funny ideas we call "hopes for the day."

Maybe I'll work on music? Eh, probably won't happen, just typing this is problem enough.

It's quite possible that a friend of mine may take me out to Pasadena to get some paperwork taken care of. He has his own issues, but it looks like it might happen.


I did a piece of web-based business, wrote a note on Facebook on the topic of "why I ain't gonna be the President any time soon," checked the DWP because I still haven't figured out what their billing cycle it is, it sure isn't "once per month," it may be every six weeks or so but whatever it is I haven't figured it out yet, so I try once a week or so.

Hoping to connect my wife with yesterday's Steven Universe episode, it was both beautiful and tragically sad, something the Steven Universe team is very, very good at doing.
This is something that I want to find a solution for, a "work around" for... the whole "I don't think I want to leave the house, I want to just lie in bed" thing. It does really put one in face-to-face contact with "Now, exactly what is really important, here?" Yes it's true that I have certain physical sensations/limitations/problems/everything, and I'll often tell you (anyone) why I'm stuck at home and why I didn't go "off campus," but it's always a very clear choice between "get up" and "give up." And to make that choice, I need to be really honest with myself with the state I'm in and what will actually happen if I go off-campus. To be honest about the difference between "I think something might happen" and "It's possible, even probable, that something will happen" and "Yes, it's gonna happen, what are you gonna do about it because you can't stop it."

Now, that's an interesting thing the MS Highway seems to be asking of me... After having been presented with the need to deal with catheters, enemas, herbs that sometimes make me go diuretic which changes the way the whole "bladder thing" gets seen to, I am tasked--perhaps even gifted with the task--of one thing:


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