Sunday, November 24, 2013

Today's tasks; side effects (?)

An interesting task today. Two, really.

Number 1 is the easy one. Drink a @#$#$-load of pu-erh tea. It often helps the bowels move, and lots of the "help your bowels move" websites sing the praises of drinking a @#$#@-load of water. Besides, the bladder needs practice. I suppose.

And the BIG project: Not look at things, where ever they may reach out towards me (as it were), and not simply say "That [whatever] pisses me off" or "Is a challenge" or "Causes me problems" or whatever. WHATEVER.

Instead, I need to speak the truth: How do I feel?

Not "what does it MAKE me feel," no! Just to simply speak the truth. There "it" is, whatever "it" may be. And then we take "it" off the table. The only question, the ONLY question, is...

How do I feel?

Truth has power, simply by being true. Time to go WITH the flow, not delude myself into thinking I'm playing nicely with reality.

To speak the truth with love.

Because one message I am definitely getting from my... well, whatever body parts are not working as I wish they would, it's very clear what they want.


Does this mean I need to "Love my multiple sclerosis?"


Just to love.

Yeah, I may need [whatever] medical treatments for [whatever] reason, and as the Beatles sang, "All you need is love" isn't quite ... directed precisely enough.

But whatever parts of me there are that are in need... Love is what they need.

So, today's tasks: Keep drinking pu-erh, attend my various elimination systems as best I can, and... speak the truth with love.

I'm thinking... wash your hands, keep the tea water hot, and speak the truth with love, and...

Side effect? WHAT side effects? Besides, you know, truth?

And... Love?

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