Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This is just plain strange.

I'm not "confined to a" wheelchair, but if I want to move further than, say, six inches (not counting "hit the floor" as "moving), I'm gonna use one.

There are things I've been doing nearly all of my life, including play the organ, that I just can't do any more. "Things that aren't working so good" increase in number, and vary, every day.

Working life? Well, that's over. Lots of stories behind that, but the bottom line is... over.

And let's not talk about the various organ systems that are working... "differently" nowadays. Hourly.

And yet, everything has been to put me precisely where I need to be, here and now. There were some emotional/mental/spiritual places that I have needed to go for a long time, desperately needed to go, and what's pushed me to those places?

My current condition.

There are a few things about my life that have never been better, because the place I'm in now took me to the very places I needed most to go.

That's weird. Wonderful. But... I suppose one of the best words is...


(Hell of a lot more encouraging to my fellow MSers than the litany of symptoms and failed medical treatments, I'd imagine. But even if you aren't an MSer, where you need the most to be, the most desperately need to be, is...

Here, and now.

Surprising, no?

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