Friday, November 8, 2013

"Deserve"; fairness

I'm thinking, my current insurance company seems to have done well enough with the hospital, but to someone in the Cath Club? Not so good...

So my urologist--my urologist!--ordered some catheters for me. Which haven't shown up yet because of course, the insurer has to be positive that I need it. Yeah, the person who watched me void and who helped me to learn how to use the catheter saying that I "need" it? Not good enough, someone in the Insurance Company has to decide that I do, in fact, need it.

I tried calling the cath provider. They say they can't do anything, it's all in the insurer's hands. Can you call and see if we can help this along? Well, I suppose we could, they say, but it wouldn't make any difference. They don't LISTEN once they get into this state, we can tell them anything but they won't care. Like they're giving me a bladder infection, because they won't give me fresh caths and making me reuse my current caths which the manufacturer specifically tells you not to do? Yeah, they don't care about that.

I told the cath company there's a special place in Hell waiting for them... a place where they need to cath, but aren't allowed to do so, because They, whoever They are, don't think it's necessary! Even if the people in the pit are begging to be allowed to do so... nope, we'll decide when they "need" it.

Special place in hell, indeed. Which, I gotta say, I'm quite happy for them to spend a lot of time there. A  LOT of time there. I mean, I do try to stay away from the "deserve" word, being as I know I deserve more than I get, but this is different. This is cruelty, what they're doing. So yes, dammit, they deserve it. They do indeed.

And in context, Medical Marijuana California has places you can call, or just use the web, and you'll get stuff delivered to your door. Often, for free! Using, for example, Goddess Delivers. A wonderful organization, with thoroughly wonderful people, and as far as I know, truly excellent products. And this cannabis stuff can make the pain, whatever pain there may be at the moment, simply go away.

I can get high-grade cannabis products delivered to my door with just a phone call. But I can't get my urinary catheters approved, I may not need them, so the saying goes.

Somehow, I just don't think this is fair.

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