Saturday, November 23, 2013

Metal; releasing

Except for my thyroid pills (which predate the MS crash-and-burn that got me into the hospital, twice), every single pill bottle comes with a "May cause dizziness" sticker. And they all definitely do. Oh BOY do they. I don't know whether to blame the flamingly crappy typing on them, The Disease, age, temperature, or this Apple keyboard which I've always disliked… so I'm hoping to get this out, corrections and all, while I still have energy to sit at the computer. Looks like it could go either way, right now…

Here in Los Angeles, it is finally, definitely, November. And here's the spooky thing… Every time I even breathe the air outside, I go into major Yale flashback. I smell Yale. I feel Yale. I really, really, feel the connection not to Yale that is today, but to my Yale, the Yale that was there in the 80's.

The classical five-element acupuncturists tell us that autumn is the season of Metal; the element that grants the power to let go, to grieve. Letting go is one of the many things that Metal is all about.

And one thing I am noticing of myself, especially at this time of year.. Not only do I need to let go of more things, the things that I need to let go of, I suck at letting go of.

And I feel that I'm not living in nostalgia for the Yale That Has Gone, but I'm full-on attached to it.

And the Metal of the season, especially the Connecticut-ian weather, the very Yale-esque weather, is telling me that I have to let go of it.

I don't know how, yet. And I know that I must.

"Releasing" properly always makes the most amazing things work ever so much better. And now, I have to release this.

I also seem to need to release being able to type without full-on sucking at it, but the Yale that has gone… though the gifts of Yale constantly help me, there are parts of my experience there that I Just. MUST. Release it.

Typing has now entered "no fun at all" and I'm going to finish and go back to bed. But … time to really get into the spirit of Metal, and let go.

Especially because we're approaching Metal becoming Water, and one thing I can definitely feel from the Metal: even IT knows that it's time to let go and say goodbye. Because even an Element needs to know when its time has come.

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