Monday, November 7, 2011


A small and quiet triumph today.

A very successful, and very enjoyable, day of teaching. And then, I went to the store for some snacks. And then to Office Despot for some computer equipment. And then to the credit union, to deposit some checks. And then, to the vet to pick up some cat food. And then, to the cleaners in the nearby grocery store.

This is the kind of "spend the day clearing my to-do list" day that I used to have. Every day. Without thinking; without even noticing. And I haven't had a day that productive, so simply and easily productive, in months. Easily, for over a year, if not longer.

And today... it just happened. Without any effort.

What a wonderful gift that was. For what I've always regarded as "the simple" simply to be possible.

And yes, the cold weather was making walking (with the walker) increasingly difficult, and the final journey along the full width of the very amply-sized grocery store was hard, and felt like it took a very long time. But I made it. And made it home.

And even managed to get the groceries out of the car. And put them all away. All by myself.

And even managed to take my wife out to dinner. And did all the driving, and never asked to be pushed in the chair, did all the walking myself.

A triumph.

About time.

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