Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Farewell to pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving break started today. Tomorrow, my wife and I have Thanksgiving dinner with my parents.

Being on the "no dairy of any kind—ever—and that's at least three underlines under the 'no' of 'no dairy' " diet, the Thanksgiving holiday is completely different now. Your basic, traditional, Thanksgiving meal is Dairy City.

Butter on the mashed potatoes. Milk in the mashed potatoes. Sour cream in the mashed potatoes. Baked potatoes? Make that butter, sour cream, and cheese.

Butter on all the vegetables. And, used to cook the vegetables.

Cream in the gravy. Which, cream and all, was finished using the French "monter au buerre" technique—in other words, add butter. Of course, the mirepoix using which the gravy was started was sauteed in butter, too.

Condensed milk in the pumpkin pie. Whipped cream on top of the pumpkin pie.

And, like so much else in my life since I started the M.S. Highway... Gone. All gone.

But, to be honest with you... playing the organ, that I miss more than eating pumpkin pie.

We're going to a vegan Japanese restaurant tomorrow. Nice people, nice food, no dairy, somebody else does the dishes.

All things considered... especially given what I've lost, in my journey down the Neurological Highway... At worst, that's three out of four to the good. And really, given what dairy does to me... that's four out of four.

Saying farewell to pumpkin pie... not so bad, really, all things considered.

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